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This referral program is founded on some simple concepts:
  • Fair Havens is about LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES.
  • Many of our guests who have had life changing experiences at Fair Havens love to invite others to join, whether be at Family Camp or using our Retreat facilities.
  • Fair Havens will provide 'tools' to registered 'Friends of Fair Havens' to help them tell others about this ministry and to invite them to come and experience it for themselves.
  • Fair Havens would love to provide a tangible 'thank-you' to our guests who help to spread the word.
Hence, we have developed this new 'referral program' that will help us provide materials for invitation (postcards, brochures, etc) and then track any bookings that result from this activity. For different types of bookings resulting from this activity there are different 'reward' points allocated. Registered 'friends' can then use these points to receive gift certificates towards a variety of meal plans, program fees, WORD Shoppe, Cafe and Sports Shop purchases.

Getting started is as easy as registering online and then requesting the media package that will best suit your needs! Register today!